Online paragliding training

A powerful video course for paraglider pilots who want to improve. Learn from a unique syllabus of focused lessons combined with in-flight demonstrations presented by paragliding instructor Greg Hamerton.

Build your confidence!

Expert demonstrations let you master each key skill in sequence. Special exercises develop your ability. Clear explanations lead to understanding.

Paragliding? Start Here.

Build confidence with this rock solid foundation. The paragliding basics course complements your flight school training and fills in any gaps in your knowledge. Understand the way the air flows, learn all the essential paragliding principles and study the best practices with an expert instructor.

Paraglider Ground Control

Everything you need to know to master your paraglider on the ground, with a special focus on strong wind ground handling. Learn how to depower, kite uphill, cobra launch, control your wing with the A's and C's, and kill it effectively!

Paraglider Launch Skills

Identify safe flying sites and learn how to adapt your technique to the environment to get a great start! Learn to cliff launch, reverse launch, forward launch and even launch in a crosswind ...

In development


Discover methods to bring the wing down in strong wind.


Learn how to work in harmony with the wing, even in turbulent conditions


Slopelanding, toplanding, butterfly landing ... and more. Get accurate safe landing approaches, anywhere.


Weather forecasting and understanding the sky.


I've spent thousands of hours suspended on columns of rising air. I'll share all my secrets with you.


This game means nothing, if you cannot be safe. We'll analyse incidents and develop a risk management strategy that keeps you ahead of the statistics.


Become an expert in all the paragliding gear: pod harnesses, reserve parachutes, instruments, maintenance and reviews.

Structured learning

These courses present my teaching in a unified system of progression. What level would you like to reach?

<div class="editor-content"><p>Knowledge</p></div>


Learn the skills you need to control your wing

<div class="editor-content"><p>Understanding</p></div>


Study the environment you are flying in

<div class="editor-content"><p>Judgement</p></div>


Be able to make educated decisions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

All pilots will find the lessons relevant. You could be just starting out, or have years of flying under your belt. You can begin at any level, return to a lower one if you’d like to brush up on fundamentals, or promote yourself to a higher level and reach for the stars.

The best way to enjoy FLIGHT LEVELS is to begin at LEVEL 1 and move step by step, because I discuss the basics and work up to more advanced methods and concepts within each lesson, including tips from a lifetime of flying.

You’ll find things ‘click’ and you really ‘get it’. This builds great confidence, which you can build upon in the next level.

Is this a pilot licence course?

FLIGHT LEVELS complements every national syllabus, but it is not a rating. This gives me the freedom to offer pilot training that transcends any systems limitations. I’ve removed things that don’t work in practice. I’ve considered incidents and used them to guide my method, to prevent you from making the same mistakes. I’ve improved every element of the common flight training systems by including skills I’ve developed and methods I use to get the best results with my students. You get it all, with clear reasoning, so you can judge what to do with the knowledge. You’ll find zero dogma here, just … clarity.

What is included in each FLIGHT LEVEL?

Hours of specialised video training on each topic. You’ll find that each FLIGHT LEVEL contains far more intense training than anything else available online.

Competitors usually offer videos that try to cover everything and leave you with a limited skill set. My courses are powerful because they are focused, and in-depth.

Each FLIGHT LEVEL course contains many lessons, selected tasks, innovative visual assessments and distilled experience, combined with a high level of film production.

How do the FLIGHT LEVELS differ from the Academy?

FLIGHT LEVELS are only available to buy as standalone courses.

The ACADEMY is a recurring membership fee that gives you VIP access to see the latest lessons as soon as I have developed them, plus livestreams, Q&A sessions, discounts on equipment and access to the amazing academy chatroom where you can ask me anything about your flying.

So it works as a support system. It is the campus, the community, and there are many great pilots there who can help you too.

What does it cost?

Each FLIGHT LEVEL costs £100. You pay once and get lifetime access to the course lessons and any updates I make to them. No subscription is required.

Become a confident pilot, with a clear vision and the freedom to fly high and far, without fear.

The FLIGHT LEVELS system will massively increase your knowledge and understanding of when to fly, where to fly, and how to fly, so you can elevate yourself to the top of the gaggle, where paragliding is truly amazing.

Choose your study focus below:

Get a great FOUNDATION

by learning the fundamentals of paragliding



and become confident in strong wind



to fly off any kind of site, at the right moment


The higher levels are currently in development in the FLIGHT ACADEMY. Members can access the latest lessons in the catalogue, so take out a membership and get ahead!

"A huge source of inspiration, tips and knowledge brought together in videos, made with passion."

Oliver Wolf, Germany