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<p>Greg Hamerton</p>,

Flying paragliders depends on good decisions, but it is unforgiving of mistakes. What if there was a way to prepare yourself with a visual learning syllabus?

Would you like to build your skills and progress safely?

Begin with my standalone FLIGHT LEVEL courses then progress to membership of the ACADEMY. These two systems work together.

Let me show you how to master paragliding!

Greg Hamerton


Are you ready?

Follow a unique flight training syllabus and surround yourself with a community of paraglider pilots who enjoy learning together and helping you fly!

<p><span class="font-bold">100+ Paragliding Videos</span></p>

100+ Paragliding Videos

Access over 50 hours of the latest lessons, livestream replays, technical analysis and podcasts that you won't find anywhere else.

<p><span class="font-bold">Informed Answers</span></p>

Informed Answers

Ask Greg questions directly in the private chatroom, livestreams or via email. I am independent, unbiased and direct.

<p><span class="font-bold">Friendly Online Community</span></p>

Friendly Online Community

Join a supportive group of likeminded pilots from around the world - we love to fly!

<p><span class="font-bold">Avoid Misinformation</span></p>

Avoid Misinformation

Dangerous deeds and unexplained videos can confuse you. I am a qualified Chief Instructor with a 30 year professional reputation.

<p><span class="font-bold">Develop Safe Habits</span></p>

Develop Safe Habits

It's easy to become a good pilot when you have the right examples to watch. I share all my best practices and explain why they work.

<p><span class="font-bold">Exclusive Discounts!</span></p>

Exclusive Discounts!

Great deals from my approved partners. Up to 10% off your paragliding gear, training, trips and more!

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Members get access on all devices including iOS, Android, MACs and PCs. The apps make viewing a pleasure on mobile devices, and include special features like Watch Offline, Playlists and Notifications!

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Build your skills in the FLIGHT LEVEL courses, then join the ACADEMY and continue your progression through the big catalogue of more advanced lessons, with expert guidance and support. You can begin your membership today with a free trial. I don't charge for the first 3 days.


What pilots say:

"The chatroom is brilliant, with direct access to Greg's experience" -- Darren Goodlad

"The butterfly landing guide was especially great." -- Malan Joubert

From the preparation of the flight to the landing, Greg's advice allows you to progress in paragliding safely.

As a beginner, the instructional videos really helped me develop my flying skills!"



Fly with Greg is a great resource for progressing as a pilot. His explanations of techniques such as the swoop flare and the slope landing are things I am still practising, and his analysis of flights and terrain on take-offs and landings has also helped me to identify hazards and obstacles both at home and when visiting new places.

Julio Amago


Fly With Greg has helped me, because there are many practical excercises that I can apply in my flying site to fly more safely. It is also a great tool to technical knowledge and also books and sites to adquire this knowledge.

Ana Santillan


After searching all over the internet for relevant paragliding information from an instructor with real world experience, I came across Greg Hamerton of Flywithgreg.com. There is no other site with such well made and well edited videos, with such important content that has helped me in my progression as a pilot, his videos are on important topics and have helped me significantly to improve my piloting skills. There are videos that help from the beginner who is just starting to fly, to the professional who requires more advanced information. I love your videos!

Alex Marcuschamer


Before learning with Fly with Greg, I had no confidence in many aspects of paragliding: I couldn't see how to progress. Today, thanks to the excellent videos, detailed explanations and sensible structure of the course, I have all the tools I need to practice, feel more confident and fly better!


United Kingdom

Professional and entertaining videos, as well as live sessions and a great community in the chat room. More is not possible - keep it up.

Frank Letmathe


I am an absolute fan of the short "explanatory videos", which are super to the point and clearly explained. You can watch them again and again on long winter evenings and then practice until the flying season starts again! Greg's explanations are easy to understand even with little knowledge of English and motivate me to keep working on my ground handling and active flying skills!

Christoph Poschmann


For me, Fly with Greg is a huge source of inspiration, tips and tricks and knowledge brought together in videos, made with passion. As a pilot with far more than 10 years of flying, I still find many topics useful, like how to improve my groundhandling, flying and tactical decisions.

Oliver Wolf


I've finally managed to get my wing into my ultralight bag now and I love the way you explain things step-by-step.

John Rudge


Your videos really help me feel better prepared and help me get my mindset right for flying, plus make more informed buying decisions.

Richard Still


Thank you for your excellent instructional videos. They have improved my flying so much. I love your knowledge, passion and kindness.



I’m a big fan of your adventure and competitions videos. I watch your lessons over and over again. Absolutely great work, helped me a lot!

Kai Rauch


Thanks for the brilliant content Greg. I’ve learnt a lot about safety, weather, thermalling & XC planning.



FlyWithGreg is such a brilliant thing to be a part of! It's kept the fire alive inside me in these darker lockdown days. With his vision and determination Greg has created an amazing resource!

Darren Goodlad


<p>JB CALAME</p>, <p>PILOT</p>
<p>Julio Amago</p>, <p>Pilot</p>
<p>Ana Santillan</p>, <p>Pilot</p>
<p>Alex Marcuschamer</p>, <p>Mexico</p>
<p>ALEJO JEKETO</p>, <p>United Kingdom</p>
<p>Frank Letmathe</p>, <p>Pilot</p>
<p>Christoph Poschmann</p>, <p>Germany</p>
<p>Oliver Wolf</p>, <p>Germany</p>
<p>John Rudge</p>, <p>UNITED KINGDOM</p>
<p>Richard Still</p>, <p>UNITED KINGDOM</p>
<p>Christina</p>, <p>UNITED KINGDOM</p>
<p>Kai Rauch</p>, <p>GERMANY</p>
<p><span class="text-lg">Darren Goodlad</span></p>, <p>UNITED KINGDOM</p>

Added membership benefits

  • sell your gear or find a bargain in the chat.

  • submit your own flight videos for analysis

  • download podcasts for offline listening

Additional support

Most of my lessons are subtitled in English, and are translated by real pilots into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian and Chinese. (Livestreams and support are only in English.)

My videos can be streamed on PC and mobile devices, and even Cast to a smart TV screen.

<p>Greg Hamerton</p>,

This training is an investment in your safety. These skills might take years to acquire on your own.

If I teach you something that saves you from harm, it is great value. If I help you find confidence and you have the flight of a lifetime ... it's priceless!

I have a limited capacity in the academy, but there is still space for you. Let's begin!

Greg Hamerton

Owner, Fly With Greg

30 years of flying and teaching

Flights (5000+) Hours (3000+) Flying since (1992) Tandem and Instructor ratings SAHPA (1994) BHPA (1997) competed in Paragliding World Cup series (1997), South African Nationals (various 1995-2012), owned Paraglide Cape Town (1997-2000) specialising in SIV, advanced XC and Tandem Pilot training. Tandem record holder (UK). Test pilot (Wallendair). Volbiv expert (Alps, Pyrenees, UK, South Africa). Hike&Fly competitor: X-Lakes, X-Eryri, X-Scotia, Dragon race, Bornes to Fly, X-Pyr (2016-2022). Favourite XC: Western Cape record (pictured) 213km (2016). Youtuber (best video so far 9M views: I Caught A Cloud). Author (South African Flying Sites Guide, novels). Journalist (Cross Country Magazine, Sports in the Sky, Thermik). Publisher (Best Flying Sites of the Alps). Reviewer (300+ wings). Film maker (500+ paragliding episodes).

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