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Welcome to my paragliding academy. Membership provides access to the latest lessons (subtitled in many languages), direct contact with Greg Hamerton for your questions, and weeky live support webinars. Join the amazing community of pilots in our private Discord chatroom to continue your progression. Get exclusive member discounts on your gear, training, and trips. Before the end of February, take advantage of Founding Members pricing (and benefit from the price freeze). A month's subscription costs less than one hour of paradriving, and I can guarantee you'll get more value. I have over 28 years of flying and instructing knowledge that I will pass on to you right here. It will change your outlook and boost your confidence! See for yourself in the exclusive coaching videos ...

What pilots think

Your videos really help me feel better prepared and help me get my mindset right for flying, plus make more informed buying decisions.

Richard Still (UK)

Thank you for your excellent instructional videos. They have improved my flying so much. I love your knowledge, passion and kindness.

Christina (UK)

I’m a big fan of your adventure and competitions videos. I watch your lessons over and over again. Absolutely great work, helped me a lot!

Kai Rauch (Germany)