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Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Greg Hamerton and I've been flying paragliders since 1992. I'm excited to be your instructor!

I have many thousands of hours in the air and have flown over three hundred wings in the course of testing gear and writing reviews. I was chief instructor at Wallendair (then called Parapente) in South Africa before moving to the UK in 1997, to teach and compete on the Paragliding World Cup circuit. I returned to Cape Town for a few years because I missed the mountains and my family. I ran Paraglide Cape Town, specialising in SIV training (extreme manoeuvres), advanced cross country, and teaching tandem pilots. (Fun fact: I hold a UK record for tandem flying with 'the crazy baker' Vincent Talleu.)

I've been based in the UK since 2008 where I've been instructing and doing tandems for Flybubble and producing the articles on their website and transforming their Youtube channel into the success it is today. Early in 2020 I formed Fly With Greg to give myself complete independence so I can follow my passion for teaching and film making. 

I absolutely love cross country flying and have had many unforgettable journeys, some of which I will turn into films. I also plan many more exciting trips to get the shots for your viewing pleasure. Let me ... entertain you!

Why does this website exist?

Flying is in my soul. I wrote a flying novel, a paragliding guidebook for South Africa and published the Best Flying Sites of the Alps. I also published hundreds of my flying movies on the Flybubble Youtube Channel, but now it's time for my own teaching channel that gives me more direct contact with pilots. So here we are together! 

This website fuels my creativity and provides exclusive instructional videos and ongoing support for your flying. For the next step in your progression, there are two subscription options:

Fly With Greg for a month 

Get the latest lessons, updated monthly with new episodes. Explore the growing catalogue. Get your questions answered! Help me choose new concepts. Get early access to all my new releases on Youtube, and watch them ad-free. Join today, cancel anytime.

Fly With Greg for a year

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It begins here...

Click on any video in the catalog to begin the trial signup process.

The free trial gives you a chance to evaluate the programmes. Cancel, and no charges are made. Continue? You'll be emailed every time something new is released. I aim to regularly make films for beginners, progressing pilots and advanced guys, and the library gives you access to all the latest lessons. 

Are payments secure?

Payments are processed by Stripe or Paypal, so the transactions are completely secure and I don't have access to your card details. Please pay by card (if possible) because Paypal takes a larger cut of your subscription.

What businesses are involved?

'Fly With Greg' is a trade name of Eternity Press Limited which is owned by Greg Hamerton. I have complete control over this website. USCREEN provides the streaming services and handles payment processing, so your card/Paypal will show 'Fly With Greg / UScreen Streaming services' on the charge. If there's any problem, I will personally sort it out for you.

How can you be so confident?

Because I have taught many students of all levels and have seen lasting results. I know what I'm talking about. I'm so sure you'll get great value from my lessons that I can offer everyone a free trial. 

Why shouldn't I just wait for more videos?

Membership gives you access to the latest lessons, many hours of them, but not all of them. Later in the year, different videos will be in the catalogue when some content is packaged into courses on various specialties like Hike&Fly, Volbiv, XC flying or the PILOT+ course. So if you wait, you'll miss out! You'll never get it as cheaply as you can by watching as a member.

Why can't I download your videos?

My videos are available to stream, on PC, tablet, phone and you can even cast them to your TV, but you need an internet connection. All content here and on my Youtube channel is copyright Greg Hamerton and should not be uploaded elsewhere. If you want to use my films anywhere on the web, please contact me first. 

I look forward to including you in the Formation,

best wishes