Independent. Trusted. Expert.

Hi, I'm Greg Hamerton and I've been a paragliding instructor since 1994. I'm excited to be your coach!

I have thousands of hours in the air and have flown over three hundred wings while testing gear and writing reviews. I was a Chief Instructor in South Africa before moving to the UK in 1997, to teach and compete on the Paragliding World Cup circuit. I returned to Cape Town for a few years because I missed the mountains and my family. I wrote a flying novel, a paragliding guidebook for South Africa (and later published Best Flying Sites of the Alps). I ran Paraglide Cape Town, specialising in SIV training (extreme manoeuvres), advanced cross country, and teaching tandem pilots. (Fun fact: I hold a UK record for tandem flying with 'the crazy baker' Vincent Talleu.)

Since 2008 I've been based in the UK where I instructed at Flybubble, shared my teaching on their website and transformed their Youtube channel into the success it is today. Early in 2020 I formed Fly With Greg to offer a unique system of pilot training.

I have no sponsors and I buy my own equipment so I can maintain my independence.

I teach in many languages!

Most of my lessons are subtitled in English, and are translated by real pilots into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Czech, Portuguese and Chinese. If you're fluent and would like to help with any of these languages, check out my Scholarships programme.

What can I offer you?

Through this website and the private chatroom you can get in touch with me directly, and I'll share my knowledge with you through the exclusive instructional videos and ongoing support. Your membership fuels my creativity!

What does it cost?

The Flight Academy offers you continuous development as a paraglider pilot. It currently costs £25.00 a month or £250.00 a year. Get your questions answered in the regular livestreams! Join the private community chatroom and make friends with likeminded pilots. Get the latest lessons, updated monthly with new episodes. Learn from the growing catalogue of premium tutorials AND get exclusive member discounts on gear, training and trips. The complete Flight Levels courses are available to buy for £100 per level, or they are all FREE with membership. These build your skills in a steady progression from day one.

Member discounts

If you are likely to buy any equipment or do some training over the next year, you can save money with the exclusive member's discounts (up to 10%). Check out my Approved Partners around the world. Deals vary and may be withdrawn at any time.

The Tip Jar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a flying licence from you?

No. I am independent and my syllabus is designed to elevate your flying skills, regardless of where you are in the world. My videos support your learning progression, deepen your knowledge and develop your understanding to complement your flight training. Your local flight school can issue a licence awarded by your national association.

Can I learn to fly on my own?

It's possible to teach yourself by starting with FLIGHT LEVEL 1, and follow the pathway I have built for you in the Flight Academy. But it will be hard without personal guidance, feedback on your technique and good flying sites. You can make your own decisions about the risk. But I urge you to seek out your local paragliding community, link up with a school, and get some flying friends. A licence is a basic level of proficiency that is not hard to attain, but will get you started on a safe path.

Are your videos on Youtube?

Most of the videos here are unique presentations you won't find anywhere else. My Youtube channel is for entertainment. My website is focused entirely on education (structured learning). So if you are serious about learning to fly, this is the place to be! 

Can I get your videos on my smart TV?

Yes! It is usually possible to use Chromecast from a web browser to send the videos to an internet TV. Also check out the Fly With Greg app on the Play store (ioS App store), which has casting abilities. If this is an important function for you, please test this out first using a free video, like FLY WITH GREG

Are payments secure?

Payments are processed by Stripe or Paypal, so the transactions are completely secure and I don't have access to your card details. Please pay by card (if possible) because Paypal takes a larger cut of your subscription.

What businesses are involved?

'Fly With Greg' is owned by Greg Hamerton. USCREEN provides the streaming services and handles payment processing, so your card/Paypal will show 'Fly With Greg / UScreen Streaming services' on the charge. If there's any problem, I will personally sort it out for you. 

It's too expensive for me!

Consider what a basic paragliding course costs at a good school. Here you will get all that knowledge, in greater depth, plus much more advanced lessons, coaching, demonstrations and skills building. For a fraction of the cost. It's about $1 a day, and you can study as much as you want to, from a huge range of top quality instructional videos. I can guarantee you will learn something every day that will benefit you. I offer you clear guidance from a unique perspective as a highly experienced instructor. The benefits to your safety, enjoyment and performance are far greater than the fee. The member discounts might well save you more money than you ever spend on Fly With Greg. If you really cannot afford it but would like to be part of the Academy, apply for one of the limited places on the Scholarships programme.

How can it be so cheap?

My objective is to share my knowledge to build a global community of informed pilots who are highly skilled. This will improve the whole sport. So I give everyone a lot of my time and share my expertise, answer questions directly, and produce videos regularly. I'm confident that many pilots will join me on my quest, which brings down the individual cost. You can make the magic happen! 

What happens when I cancel?

You can cancel at any time, and you will continue to have access until the end of your membership term (month/year). Then your access ends, and nothing more is charged. So for example, if you pay monthly, you pay in advance for the coming month, let's say for example from 15 Feb to 15 March. If you decide to cancel at any time, the next payment will not go through on 15 March. Your access will continue until 15 March. 

Why not wait, for more videos?

There are over 350 videos (150 hours) in the academy. Waiting around doesn't serve you, because you'll miss out on things you could learn today that will help you fly tomorrow. If you're an active pilot, you need to be part of the academy! There are courses to study, 'slow TV' narrated flights, accident analysis, technical guides, livestreams, support, access to the community chatroom, and the regular Q&A sessions.

Why can't I download your videos?

My videos are available to stream, on PC, tablet, phone and you can even cast them to your TV, but you need an internet connection. All content here and on my Youtube channel is copyright Greg Hamerton and should not be uploaded elsewhere. If you want to use my films anywhere, please contact me first: greg [at] flywithgreg [dot] com.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Academy,

best wishes