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Hi, I'm Greg Hamerton and I've been a paragliding instructor since 1994. I'm excited to be your coach!

I have thousands of hours in the air and have flown over three hundred wings while testing gear and writing reviews. I was a Chief Instructor in South Africa before moving to the UK in 1997, to teach and compete on the Paragliding World Cup circuit. I returned to Cape Town for a few years because I missed the mountains and my family. I wrote some novels, a paragliding guidebook for South Africa (and later published Best Flying Sites of the Alps) and I ran Paraglide Cape Town, specialising in SIV training (extreme manoeuvres), advanced cross country, and teaching tandem pilots. (Fun fact: I hold a UK record for tandem flying)

Since 2008 I've been based in the UK, instructing on the hills and sharing skills on Youtube. In 2020 I formed Fly With Greg to make my complete system of pilot training available.

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I teach in many languages!

Most of my lessons are subtitled in English, and are translated by real pilots into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Czech, Portuguese and Chinese. If you're fluent and would like to help with any of these languages, check out my Scholarships programme.

What can I offer you?

Through this website and the private chatroom you can get in touch with me directly, and I'll share my knowledge with you through the exclusive instructional videos and ongoing support. Your membership fuels my creativity!

What does it cost?

The Flight Academy offers you continuous development as a paraglider pilot. It currently costs £25.00 a month or £250.00 a year. Get your questions answered in the regular livestreams! Join the private community chatroom and make friends with likeminded pilots. Get the latest lessons, updated monthly with new episodes. Learn from the growing catalogue of premium tutorials AND get exclusive member discounts on gear, training and trips. The complete Flight Levels courses are available to buy for £100 per level, or they are all FREE with membership. These build your skills in a steady progression from day one.

Member discounts

If you are likely to buy any equipment or do some training over the next year, you can save money with the exclusive member's discounts (up to 10%). Check out my Approved Partners around the world. Deals vary and may be withdrawn at any time.

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I look forward to welcoming you to the Academy,

best wishes