Learn how to ride thermals like a pro


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I've spent a lifetime going up! Thermaling is the key to success in any cross country flight, so I'll share all my knowledge with you.

Greg Hamerton, Chief Instructor

Why do you need this?

By the end of the training course you’ll be able to find thermals, track them as they rise, and understand all the subtle signs you should be looking for. The demonstration videos put you in the pilot's seat, so you can build familiarity with thermal flying and become confident at circling in lift.

<div class="editor-content"><p>See thermals</p></div>

See thermals

by visualising the flows

<div class="editor-content"><p>Capture the lift</p></div>

Capture the lift

by using the best technique

<div class="editor-content"><p>Be fully prepared</p></div>

Be fully prepared

by watching in-flight examples

Lessons Plan


I'll show you where to find the ingredients for good thermals, how they behave in the flats or against the ridges, and how to hold onto them.


How to get away from the hill

A detailed tutorial that explains the site choice, the weather forecasts, and the strategy for searching for thermals. Learn how to work with others ... and how to top out, to go XC!


How to reach CLOUDBASE!

The key to unlocking the magic of cross country flying. In this extended edition I share all the tips that will maximise your climb all the way to the clouds.


Catch the DRIFT

A little lesson with a big impact. Once you get this concept you’ll be sticking with thermals all the way to the top!


Feeling LIFT

How to sense a thermal, catch it and hold onto the core. Complete with informative overlays and supported by a cast of birds, this lesson is entirely about fresh air.


The 10 Secrets of STAYING UP

Sinking out? Here's what to do to make sure you are staying UP on your paraglider! In this extended edition I share advanced methods for reconnecting with lift.


Gaggle Flying

Thermaling in traffic give you the cold sweats? Let's cut through the complexity and discuss some solutions in this workshop.


Climbing in SHADOW

How can you thermal when the sky clouds over? Let’s see if your instructor can climb out while explaining what he’s doing so you can do it too!


Thermal Flying TIPS

Let’s chat about thermals, and how to catch them! A detailed Q&A with academy members where we discuss sensing thermals, getting a better turn, and using clouds.


Thermals & Turbulence

Take a break from your screen! Listen to the audio podcast while you go for a walk, and learn more about wing control during thermal flying.

Find the FLOW

Enjoy highlights from a personal training session on thermaling. Join Greg Hamerton and Mark Berry in the air on the tandem glider.


How to FLOAT

Flying a small tandem in light conditions really puts climbing skills into focus. Learn how to stay up.


Get TIGHT turns

Study the pilot inputs as we hone in on timing and turn control in thermic conditions.


Leesides & Monsters

If you’re going to play this game, you need to know how to play with the monsters that come out of the lee!



There comes a time in every XC flight where you need to get in close. Learn how to do it safely.


Know your stuff?

Watch all the videos, work on the practical tasks and get over 80% in the THERMAL FLYING test, to earn your FLIGHT LEVEL 8 certificate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

This course is for pilots who are already proficient at launching, soaring and landing and want to want to get up and away! It's best to complete all the Levels 1-7 before this course, because I expect you to understand wing control and the weather. I focus exclusively on coring techniques and advanced thermal tactics for maximising your climbing success.

How does the course work?

This is designed as a week-long course. but you can take as long as you want. Every day, try to work through some new video lessons, but don't rush! Take the time to absorb each key skill. You can return to any lesson at any time thereafter.

What is included in the course?

Over 7 hours of scorching video training! There’s also a task sheet for you to develop your skills, and a test at the end of the course to see if you can apply the concepts to common problems. If you get more than 80% you can earn your FLIGHT LEVEL 8 certificate!

Single payment or subscription?

THERMAL FLYING is available to buy as standalone course if you want to only pay once and get lifetime access to these lessons and any updates I make to them. However, most pilots choose to join the Flight Academy instead, which includes FREE access to ALL the course and will enrich your learning experience with livestreams, chatroom, discounts and a large catalogue of more advanced topics.

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Get your lessons anywhere

Accessible on all devices including iOS, Android, MACs and PCs. You can even Cast to your TV!

Most of the lessons are subtitled in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Structured learning

Continue your journey upwards through the Flight Levels system. THERMAL FLYING builds upon Levels 1-7 and gets you ready for XC!

Level UP!

Get over 7 hours of video training from an elevated viewpoint that give you the right perspective on thermals, so you can fly higher and be safer.


find the core, and hold onto it