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“... the book you've been looking for all your free-flying life? In a word, yes.”

Cross Country Magazine

Best Flying Sites of the Alps

This complete guidebook for hang glider and paraglider pilots details the best flying sites in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and France, carefully selected for their unique advantages.

Begin your adventure

With large-format photos, detailed maps and 300 pages of info, this is the key to unlock the secrets of the whole Alps region.

This book was updated in 2011, so some information will have changed but the sites still work in the same way and Oliver's flying advice is timeless.

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Instant access to The Best Flying Sites of the ALPS

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110 flying sites in 6 countries

Selected for their unique advantages, with 500 alternatives nearby in case the weather changes

Large photographs

Select your favourite kind of terrain and start dreaming of your flying trip

Illustrated maps

Simplified diagrams show only the relevant flying information for each site, like:

  • Hang-gliding launches

  • Paragliding launches

  • Landing sites

  • Wind directions

Detailed insight

Expert flying guidance from Oliver Guenay's many years of guiding in the region are presented in a clear way to help you find safe flying conditions.

Available on the go

The PDF is designed for your PC or laptop (large screen), for quick planning and easy reference when travelling. The ePUB is a stripped down weightless version for your phone or mobile device for quick reference when travelling. You get both included in the download.

An amazing book, way beyond what we deserve!”

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Davis Straub


The best of the Alps

If you haven't flown these sites yet, you're missing out on amazing adventures and classic routes!



“This is an incredible guide book to flying in the Alps (not all of Europe, as it doesn't include Montecucco, for example). A guide to all the launches and landing zones. What the flying is like, what to watch out for, where to go on cross country flights, how to get there, where to meet up, the weather sites, nearby flying sites, where to stay, where to eat.

It is a beautiful book (a real reason for books at all), with glossy pages, great type, and gorgeous pictures. Also includes ads for local businesses at the sites. This is very helpful.

It is paraglider pilot oriented, but there is plenty if information for hang glider pilots. Plenty of cautions about flying at Fiesch, which is great to see as it shows that the author was interested in telling the truth.

This is a book that any pilots who want to fly in the Alps must have. It is available in PDF (with all the links) and stripped down eBook versions also.”

Davis Straub

Renowned Hang-glider pilot

“An Alpine classic is available in English for the first time. Is this the book you've been looking for all your free-flying life? In a word, yes.

Best Flying Sites of the Alps does what it says on the cover by selecting 110 main sites, plus 500 alternatives and presenting them in a clear, professional, uncluttered way. Hallelujah!

It is written by German paraglider pilot Oliver Guenay and published by Greg Hamerton.

The book looks great. It's hardback, 300pages, stitched together (no nasty glue-binding to collapse leaving a sheaf of loose pages) well printed with good colours and beautiful photographs.

If you are like me you will want the proper book for your shelf. It is a genuine must-have for anyone flying the Alps.”

Ed Ewing

Cross Country Magazine

“I like this book because it covers such a big area that gives me the feeling of endless possibility of flying according to weather, time, flying style etc. This book should be in every pilot's shelf to be read and consulted every time one wants to visit a new site or just wants to dream about it. I love it.”

Roberto Alberti


<div class="editor-content"><p>Davis Straub</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Renowned Hang-glider pilot</p></div>
<div class="editor-content"><p>Ed Ewing</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Cross Country Magazine</p></div>
<div class="editor-content"><p>Roberto Alberti</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>ITALY</p></div>