Fly With Greg

Fly with me!

Personal training in the air

High level flight training that matches your level. Gain skills, improve your paragliding or learn to see new things in the air.

Minimum level required: Club Pilot. Only available in the UK (South).

I'm based near Brighton. I do not offer specific dates because I rely on the weather.
100% refundable if you can't attend within a year.

SKILLS Hour ........... £175

Demonstration and instruction, in the sky.
If conditions are easy, you'll be on the controls.
You choose the focus:

(a) Traffic (defensive flying for crowds)

(b) Thermalling (coring and active flying)

(c) Wing Control (collapses, spirals, stall point)

(d) Landing (slope, top, spot, flares, approaches)

(e) Tandem Flying (piloting foundation)

Ground HERO ........... £150

An intense practical session of 3 hours in a small group that will leave you with great confidence and advanced skills. Improve your launches with focused exercises and master your kill techniques. Be in control!

How to book

Email greg at and I'll send payment instructions and add you to my waiting list. When suitable weather arrives, I'll contact you. If you can't make it, you'll be kept on the waiting list.

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Club Pilot licence or proof of experience is required.