Fly With Greg

Fly with me!

Personal training in the air

High level flight training that matches your level. Gain skills, improve your paragliding or learn to see new things in the air.

Club Pilot or equivalent foreign licence required. Only available in the south of England.

I'm based near Brighton. I do not offer specific dates because I rely on the weather.
100% refundable if you can't attend within a year.

SKILLS Hour ........... £175

Tandem instruction with Greg. If conditions are easy, you'll be on the controls. You can choose the training focus for the hour:

(a) Traffic (defensive flying for crowds)

(b) Thermalling (coring and active flying)

(c) Wing Control (collapses, spirals, stall point)

(d) Landing (slope, top, spot, flares, approaches)

(e) Tandem Flying (piloting foundation)

Ground HERO ........... £150

An intense practical session of 3 hours in a small group that will leave you with great confidence and advanced skills. Improve your launches with focused exercises. Develop control. Master your strong wind kill techniques.

SLOPE Master ............ £200

South Downs or Thames Valley sites, working on launching, slope landing, toplanding, soaring or flying in traffic. I'll watch you closely and give you feedback on your technique so you can build confidence and take your flying to the next level! 4 hours of personal training (in a small group).

THERMAL Hunter ......... £225

We're on a mission, to find thermals! I'll go through the forecast so you can learn to find good days, and give you a full briefing. You'll get radio guidance into the first thermals. Stay at the site to continue your thermal training (maximum 4 hours), or go XC if you feel ready. End of day retrieve included (back to the site).

How to book

If you're interested in personal training, please email greg at with your mobile number, days you are usually available, location, experience level and course interests and I'll add you to my WhatsApp Training Group.

When suitable weather arrives and I'm available, I'll announce a training day. The first trainees to respond will get the spots.

If you can't make it, don't worry, there'll be another day!

Due to the unpredictability of the British weather, this training group is only suitable if you live in the south of England or will be staying here for at least one week.