Fly With Greg

Make it easy!

Get the best tool for developing ground control

Drag racing is dangerous!

Ground-handling is the most important foundational skill for progressing safely through the sport, but paragliders generate a lot of power. How can you learn the right techniques when you're scared and fighting for traction?

The solution is simple

Use a wing designed for ground training

The story behind the PLAY

Developed in South Africa by paragliding legend Pete Wallenda and the instructors at Wallend-Air, it has been refined over years of testing in strong wind. Ground-handling adds a lot of wear and tear to a normal paraglider. The PLAY is durable, compact, and depowered, so you can learn all aspects of ground-handling in a much wider range of conditions (and have fun) without damaging full size equipment.

Pilot feedback

There's nothing like it! Being smaller, and less aggressive than other trainers, combined with the super stable leading edge, makes it so easy to get started. You'll get the feeling of a lot more airtime, which can accelerate your learning curve ... and keep you current!

Greg Hamerton


Technical specs

Wing area (flat square m): 12

Aspect ratio (flat): 3.7

Number of Cells: 19

Canopy weight kg: 2.6

Trimmers: yes

Certification: no


Colours and fabric

The PLAY is made from the best paraglider fabrics available, with extra durable leading edge. To keep the cost down for you, WallendAIR optimises the colour mix depending on availability.