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Get the right tool for developing ground control

Your own training wing

Ground-handling is the most important foundational skill for progressing safely through the sport, but paragliders generate a lot of power.

The solution is simple: use a wing designed for ground training! You can always sell it, once you are a master kiter, and it's way better than using an old large wing that handles poorly.

What I recommend

In my videos you'll see the Wallendair PLAY, but supply of this wing is complicated. The BGD SEED is a great alternative: widely available at a fair price. It is made of durable fabric, and it will produce less power than a normal wing.

Use it with your normal harness and helmet to get proper impact protection, and get familiar with your launch position. It is NOT certified for flying (because it requires expert control, especially near the ground), but it works just like a paraglider when you play in a field, on the beach, or on a launch site.

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and other retailers worldwide.

Work through your drills

To help you get the most out of your ground trainer, get a detailed programme of exercises to improve your kiting, strong wind launches, and develop mastery of your wing.