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Approved Partners

I have chosen these companies carefully for the boost they can offer to your flying progression, their reputation and the price advantage they offer you. 

Members of Fly With Greg get special discounts at the following Approved Partners:

Jocky Sanderson

Jocky Sanderson is the master of SIV training, which is recommended for all progressing pilots. He also offers equipment, wing servicing, reserve repacks, training and trips. Based in the north of the UK, Jocky, Josh and Kat can supply most gear quickly from

Sky Summits

Sky Summits are the team that delivered many of Jocky's renowned XC trips and now offer new adventures around the globe. Join Debhu Choudhury, Stephan Bernhard, Geordie Petts and Foram Pandya on

Cross Country Magazine

Cross Country magazine is the gold standard of paragliding publishing. I've had many articles, reviews and photos published by them and I always look forward to getting my monthly fix of flying inspiration. Their online shop has a range of high quality flying books, pilot wear and accessories:

Fly Sussex

Fly Sussex is run by Tim and Jess Cox. They have a team of instructors and some amazing private training sites in the south of the UK for you test wings without the stress. Learn to fly, get post-licence coaching, tandem flights, and visit the shop where you can try things out for the right fit on

Birdmen Paragliding

Birdmen Paragliding can offer you the real South African experience. When I visit the country I always link up with them, because they know where to go to get the best flying. Porterville, Wilderness, Cape Town: an unforgettable flying holiday. Great accommodation and unrivalled service from

Paragliding Map

Find out where to fly on Paragliding Map! With comprehensive weather forecasts powered by MeteoBlue and detailed site information, it's a great app for the travelling pilot. Find your happy place on

Oase Paragliding

Oase Flying School is an alpine paragliding training center in Oberallgäu, Germany that offers great options for you in a remarkable location and flying trips to many destinations. They have a big range of equipment and distribute widely within Europe from

Flying Camp

If you're on the east side of the United States of America, Flying Camp can sort you out with their privately owned flight park in an epic position! Dave Hanning and his dedicated team want to help you to fly from

Eagle Paragliding

Eagle Paragliding rocks! In the western USA, Rob Sporrer and his team provide high quality instruction and a comprehensive shop in Santa Barbara. There's a great community here too, so the flying goes far beyond the classic school environment, on

Best Flying Sites of the ALPS

The Best Flying Sites of the ALPS was designed and published by Greg Hamerton, working closely with  Oliver Guenay to bring his exceptional knowledge to English speaking pilots. It's available in weightless (digital) and beautiful (hardcover) versions. Members get 20% off on